Cinco de Mayo

Posted By Stephen

Being Cinco de Mayo today, we decided to have something Mexican.

So we started with Margaritas:

Which we drank with some tortilla chips (Poco Loco brand which taste much more like real Mexican tortilla chips than supermarket brands do) with some slightly too wet (even though I’d drained it once) but still tasty tomato salsa and some guacamole (which was really hot if you happened across a chilli seed, but again tasty):


Then main course… Mole Poblano de Guajolote! Lots of preparation. The recipe called for four types of chilli: Mulato, Ancho, Pasilla and Chipotle. The only one of these that we managed to find was Mulato, so we substituted some Kashmiri dried chilli for the rest of them. The result was good, but could do some some adjustment before it’s brilliant. It is on the right here, along with some rice and some black beans:

The Mulato chillis warrant a picture of their own, looking like a mutant crossing of chillis and giant prunes:


May 5th, 2007

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  1. Richard said,

    The mulatos look fantastic – where did you get them from?

  2. Stephen said,

    They’re from Elizabeth King, a brilliant deli in Fulham near where we live. I should have put something into the picture to give some perspective – the long one in the middle was about 10cm long. There were four of them stuffed into a rather large jar.

  3. Kerri said,

    And they’re made by Steenberg but I’ve just searched for them and can’t find a website

  4. Catherine said,

    My housemate and I were planning on doing this sometime soon, and we found a website to order the unusual chillies from… if you’re interested!

  5. Kerri said,

    Oooh thanks Catherine, that looks great. We’ve been using lots of chilli lately and it’s hard to find interesting types in the shops.

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