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Last night, Stephen and I went to St John for dinner. It’s my second visit there and, once again, the food was excellent.

We arrived slightly early and had a drink in the bar, their house Champagne (Jean Milan brut) which is brilliant and then a glass of Muscat Sec which smelt a lot like sweet Muscat but was actually dry.

We started with a selection of dishes because we couldn’t decide what to choose: cured beef with celeriac, shrimp salad, bone marrow and a gull’s egg. The beef had a real sweetness to it that went very well with the celeriac, which had a horseradish dressing on it. The shrimp were also quite sweet and served with sliced white cabbage, an unusual combination but one that worked well. The gull’s egg, according to Stephen, was tasty and more delicate than a hen egg. I’d not had the bone marrow before but I enjoyed it, it tasted a lot like gravy to me.

We followed this with just one main course each, I had the pot roasted Gloucestor old spot with prunes which was perfectly tender and full of flavour. Stephen had the smoked eel and bacon with the best-mashed-potato-in-the-world-ever which, although good, didn’t have a huge amount of flavour.

Even though we were full, we ordered some honey and whisky ice-cream and some cheese to finish. The ice-cream was brilliant and the cheese was good too, although we forgot to find out what we were eating.

We drank a very good Jurancon Sec, which we bought another bottle of to take home.

It was a struggle to walk to the tube station afterwards, but well worth it 🙂


May 10th, 2007

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  1. Richard said,

    I’m jealous. I’ve never been to St John – and now we live out of town, it’s harder to go. It’s more my kinda place than my wife’s I think but I’m going to persuade her to go once we can arrange transport and babysitter et al…

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