Fried Halloumi…

Posted By Kerri

…with Delia’s lime and coriander vinaigrette. But without the coriander because we didn’t have any. I was secretly pleased because I don’t really like it anyway, I think it tastes like washing-up liquid. We used mint instead and it worked well. Stephen said it was a bit like a savoury mojito.

We served the fried cheese with roasted vegetables to lend an air of healthiness. And white pitta bread because we’re trying to empty the freezer. Healthy? Not at all. Tasty? Most definitely.


Jul 10th, 2007

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  1. Pillw said,

    I love fried halloumi – my favourite is Nigella’s recipe with chilli oil 🙂 Sadly, halloumi is really expensive here in Estonia, so we don’t buy it very often..

  2. Kerri said,

    I’ve not tried the Nigella recipe, will search that one out. Shame you don’t get to eat it too often 🙁

  3. Richard said,

    Coriander is one of those interesting things – I’ve heard the washing-up-liquid-complaint before, but those of us who love it can’t taste that bit of it… I think the world is made-up of coriander lovers and haters – a bit like marmite!

    White pitta? tut tut 😉 I have to say I prefer the wholemeal…

  4. Kerri said,

    I’ve recently heard more and more people say they don’t like coriander. I can eat it, and some things definitely require it, but I’d rather not. I don’t hate it like I hate fennel though.

    Agree with you on the pitta front but at least there is a little more space in the freezer now.

    How was your holiday?

  5. Stephen said,

    I rather like coriander, but thought that mint worked rather well here; it lifted the dressing and gave it a summery feel. We usually have wholemeal pitta, but we braved the white ones as part of our freezer-emptying campaign. Not sure what we’ll do when it’s empty; probably just fill it up with different things 😉

  6. Stephen said,

    Hmm, great minds, etc… 🙂

  7. Richard said,

    Holiday was lovely thanks – but back to the grind now. Have tons of things to blog about but not much time right now. Hopefully, I have a little treat coming up re English Fizz soon though!

  8. Hippolyra said,

    I adore fried halloumi. Its a store cupboard staple.

    Try marinating and cubing it on top of a salad.

    I must now try it with coriander – washing up liquid has never occured to me before.

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