Aubergine, Pepper and Halloumi Stacks

Posted By Stephen


This is our first attempt at cooking something for “in the bag”. The ingredients this month were aubergine, peppers and basil. We roasted the aubergine and peppers, then griddled some halloumi and assembled them into stacks. We drizzled the stacks with some basil-infused oil and topped them with a basil leaf and a roasted cherry tomato for good measure.

We had these for dinner with some tabouleh and some basilly salsa. They would make a good lunch on their own or with a salad.

Jul 17th, 2007

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  1. Jules said,

    They look absolutely delicious.

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks Jules, they were really tasty.

  3. Claire said,

    They do look really tasty. I’ve been meaning to try halloumi again so this may be the inspiration I needed!!

  4. Julia said,

    They’ve made my mouth water – fantastic entry!

  5. Niamh said,

    Yum scrum! These looks delicious! Great entry.

  6. Kerri said,

    Thanks Niamh and Julia 🙂

  7. Antonia said,


    Great to see that this was your first ‘in the bag’ entry. It looks delicious – I have never cooked with halloumi before but this looks great. I must give it a try.

    Thank you for taking a look at my blog! I have been enjoying taking a look at yours.

    Happy Cooking!


  8. Kerri said,

    Thanks Antonia 🙂

    I would definitely recommend halloumi, it’s very versatile and has a long lifespan so a block in the fridge means an instant, lazy dinner.

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