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Richard from Superfood has tagged us to answer the Fantastic Four meme. This posed a bit of a problem because there are two of us so, we decided we’d give two answers each per question. There were initially five questions which seemed at odds with the whole Four thing so we’ve left one out.

Four places you’ve lived

G: I was born in Kent and lived there until I was 18 and ran away to London to go to University, I went back home to live for a little while after I graduated but soon came running back to London.

G: Stephen and I now live in South West London having moved here from North London just under a year ago. We live within walking distance of a great butcher, deli and fishmonger now.

F: I was born in Cape Town in South Africa and lived there for 25 years, until I moved to London.  I enjoy going back on holiday and love the range of fish and seafood available there.

F: Shepherd’s Bush… lived there for a couple of years.  Interesting for its range of Middle Eastern supermarkets.  Other than that, it wasn’t hugely interesting food-wise apart from a northern Thai restaurant that served really good food but usually took ages and eventually I gave up going there.
Four places you’ve been on holiday

G: I went to South Africa with Stephen last year and had a brilliant time.  It was hot and the food was great, really fresh and tasty.

G: We went to Barcelona earlier in the year and ate some amazing food, and drank some great wine too 🙂

F: Hmm since Kerri went first, she’s stolen some recent joint holidays, I’ll have to take the others.  Luckily for me we’ve posted about these visits so I’ll just link them:



Four favourite foods

G: This is difficult, my favourite food change all the time but I’d say fresh bread with oil or unsalted butter and chocolate always feature.  Not particularly exotic!

F: Thai Jungle Curry.  I used to love jungle curry but haven’t had it for a while so would probably find it too hot to taste now.  I’ll have to embark on a chilli-eating regime to train myself.

F: Roast Chicken and stuffing and roast potatoes and gravy and vegetables, preferably green leafy ones.  Quite a comfort food type meal for me.  We often have it on our first night back at home after being away on holiday.

F: Cheese.  Of many varieties, especially aged soft cheeses. 

Four places you’d rather be

G: Somewhere hot.  We’ve not had great weather this summer and I really miss the sunshine and the barbecue opportunities.

G: Lying in bed, drinking tea and eating toast while watching Saturday Kitchen and planning food to eat for the weekend.

F: In Kalk Bay in Cape Town eating Snoek (hmm maybe that should have been one of my favourite foods…)

F: At Borough Market, shopping on an empty stomach (dangerous I know, but fun)

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Aug 17th, 2007

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