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So finally it’s a) the weekend, b) we don’t have any prior social engagements and c) it’s hot….leaving only one thing to do….BARBECUE!!!


We started with corn. Stephen bought these last week with the sleeping bags husks still intact, despite the fact that he maintains he prefers them to be cooked without. I gently prised back the husks and coated them in harissa. I then gave them to Stephen and he burnt them on the barbecue. No matter, they still tasted good.


Next up we had steak of the Scottish ribeye variety, cooked simply with salt and pepper and served with baked potatoes (cooked in the fire) and butternut with spinach and Feta, also cooked in the fire.


We had wine too. Lots of wine. Of different varieties. Consequently it’s taken me at least half an hour to type this. Happy weekend!

Aug 26th, 2007

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