Guinea Fowl Casserole

Posted By Stephen

As we seem to have been having chicken a fair amount lately, when the urge to cook chicken again struck us, we figured that guinea fowl would be an interesting alternative. We cooked this yesterday to eat today – a fairly standard casserole with the jointed guinea fowl, onion, celery, chicken stock, a dash of garlic and some thyme and bay. We put in the carcass in with everything else too in order to flavour the stock a bit more as it was cooking.

Served with some crushed potatoes and some brussels sprouts and cauliflower. It was good, but as Kerri said, it would be nice to have fewer little feathers floating around in the sauce.

Oct 22nd, 2007

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  1. Darren said,

    I <3 crushed potatoes.

  2. We’ve had guinea fowl a couple of times – guinea fowl au vin and Delia’s guinea fowl with 30 cloves of garlic, which we had last year for our Christmas dinner, very tasty and very easy to do (I didn’t do the pastry lid) and the garlic was absolutely wonderful.

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