Thai Steamed Fish

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A few weeks ago I bought some green peppercorns without really having a plan for what to do with them. They languished in the bottom of the fridge until tonight when, quite coincidentally, the recipe that I looked up for Thai steamed fish call for them. And just in time too, as they were a bit past their best and would already have been consigned to the bin had Kerri found them.

So, in our newly purchased bamboo steamer, I placed tuna steak that had been rubbed with a mixture of ginger, garlic, black pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce. I placed chopped ginger, chopped shallots and a sprig of rescued green peppercorns on top of it and then steamed for about ten minutes. Half way through, I put in some pak choi as well.

Served on some noodles (not the right sort really; I wanted vermicelli but didn’t have any so used egg noodles) with the pak choi. It was really good; the flavours all combined well during the relatively short cooking time. Definitely something to try again soon.

Nov 22nd, 2007

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  1. Darren said,

    Looks very nice.

    Was the tuna cooked all the way through or pink in the middle?
    I’m guessing with this you can afford to cook it all the way through anyway as it won’t really dry out (hate the overcooked tuna).

  2. Stephen said,

    Hmm yes I had meant to mention that. It was actually cooked all the way through but wasn’t too dry. Next time I’d cook it a bit less though. In fact I’d wanted some white fish for this, but the fishmonger didn’t have any that looked decent when I arrived.

    Doing it this way was inspired by something that you cooked recently btw 🙂

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