Black and White Tuna

Posted By Stephen


Actually, the tuna wasn’t black and white, it was brown (on the outside) and red (on the inside). It was the sesame seeds that were black and white. Friends of ours cooked something like this recently and it looked so good that we had to have a go too. They had a really brilliant plate to present it on though, so ours doesn’t look quite the same, but it tasted really good and we’ll try it again soon.


With this, I opened a bottle of Galpin Peak Pinot Noir “Tete de Cuve” 1999 from Bouchard Finlayson in Walker Bay, South Africa. I’ve had it on my wine rack for a few years and have been keeping it for a special occasion. I felt it would go with the tuna, so opened it tonight. It was brilliant. Elegant red fruits accompanied savoury notes, filling the mouth in the most smooth and wonderful way. A medium garnet colour, very slightly tawny but not as brownish as I thought it might be after almost nine years. I wish I had more bottles of this, but sadly this was the only one.

Dec 5th, 2007

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  1. L said,

    Looks very tasty. What did you have with it (besides the vino)?

  2. Kerri said,

    We actually just had salad with it as it needed to be used up. I think crunchy, stir-fried vegetables would have worked better though or some kind of oriental salad maybe.

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