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The obligatory pancake post! We didn’t do anything complicated having had quite an elaborate dinner, pancakes don’t lend themselves to healthy eating either unfortunately so we stuck to the traditional lemon and sugar. Stephen had cinnamon on his though, quite a lot as it turned out due to a mis-shake of the jar.

Had we been able to indulge our wildest pancake fantasies though I would have had Dulce Du Leche and ice-cream or Nutella and hazelnuts. I quite like maple syrup pancakes too so they may have featured and now that I think about it I quite like the idea of raspberries and hot chocolate sauce. Mmm, I didn’t think I really liked pancakes but clearly I do!

Feb 5th, 2008

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  1. L said,

    What a lovely photo! My pancakes always turn a leathery brown one side, and then speckled the other 🙁 Oranges flambeed in brandy was my flavour of choice – I had a simple onion and anchovy pasta for dinner so I went all out on the pancake front.

  2. Stephen said,

    L, that sounds like an excellent pancake flavour of choice; I’m definitely keen to try that soon.

  3. ros said,

    Pancake day managed to pass me by completely this year. What a travesty! I’ll have to make up for it soon, probably with a pancake based lasagne as I’m trying to stay away from desserts at the moment.

    That is a very good photo indeed. It’s a shame I can’t convince Goon to get behind the camera as I’d love to have some action shots too.

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