Jambalaya and Wild Rice

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Yesterday, Kerri suggested this Jambalaya recipe for dinner and when we read it we realised that we already had all the ingredients at home, either in the fridge and needing to be used up, or in the freezer and waiting to be useful. We skipped the prawns though, used some chorizo as our “Spicy Mediterranean Pork Sausages” and put some wild rice in with some plain brown rice.

The preparation and cooking times are both quite short and the longest part of it was waiting for the wild rice to cook. The result had promise, but not a great depth of flavour and some of the component parts hadn’t combined that well. We’ll definitely make it again, but we’ll look for a more traditional recipe with a longer cooking time rather than a quick-and-easy one.

Feb 9th, 2008

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  1. ros said,

    Jambalaya is something I’ve never tried cooking OR eating I think ( well not a proper jambalaya anyway) and I feellike I don’t want to try cooking one unless I know what it is suppoed to taste like. I hope you manage to find and post a recipe you like.

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