Chicken Breasts stuffed with Haggis

Posted By Stephen


We’ve been planning to cook this ever since Burns Night last year. Every Burns Night we become determined to eat more haggis and try to think of things to do with it instead of just having it plain. So the time finally came and we made it.

When shopping for chicken breasts, there was only one package of free range chicken breasts left in the shop and they were looking rather sad. So I bought a whole chicken and jointed it, which worked out rather well as I was able to get the breasts off in one piece with our shiny new filleting knife. I covered them with cling film and bashed them with a rolling pin to flatten them out.

We had cooked the haggis beforehand, then spooned some of the filling onto the flattened chicken breasts. We rolled them up and tied them up to keep them together. Quick browning in a frying pan and then into the oven for about 20 minutes. We were considering making whisky sauce to go with them, but ended up skipping that.

Served with crushed new potatoes, green beans and cabbage. The haggis worked well in the chicken; the gooey spiciness of the haggis going well with the chicken which was also well seasoned and slightly crisped on the outside.

Feb 11th, 2008

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  1. Pixie said,

    Hey, this looks wonderful, what is the chicken stuffed with?

    Also, you’ve been awarded:

  2. khumzi said,

    very adventurous!
    beautifully photographed 🙂

  3. Stephen said,

    Wow thanks for the award Pixie! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed Dinner Diary so much!

    And the chicken was stuffed with haggis 🙂

  4. Antonia said,

    Great idea for ringing the changes with Haggis

    I too awarded you with the ‘nice matters’ award – obviously great minds think alike, Pixie!!

  5. Kerri said,

    Thanks Antonia, that’s really sweet of you 🙂

  6. Andrew said,

    Here’s the full recipe (I don’t know if it’s the one you were using but this is good and includes the whisky sauce).

    The first time I had this it was served with two sauces (a white sauce and a brown whisky sauce – basically a brown oniony sauce with whisky and, I think, a little honey added), clapshot (mashed potatoes and swede or turnip) and cabbage.

    Of course, since the whisky sauce is heated, most of the whisky in it goes to the angels, so whisky has to be served in a glass as well!

  7. Stephen said,

    Hi Andrew, thanks for the recipe! We didn’t follow any recipe at the time, it was just something that we made up, but good to know that recipes do exist out there and we weren’t being too outlandish.

    If we do make it again we’ll definitely try it with a whisky sauce, and of course plain whisky too!

  8. Stephen said,

    In fact, I just noticed the date on that video link and it’s 26 February this year. We cooked this just over a year before that, so clearly Heather Reid was inspired by our recipe rather than the other way round 😉

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