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It was 20 degrees on Saturday so we thought it was about time we dusted off the barbecue and put it to work. We spent most of last week deciding what to cook but settled on lamb chops since they’re our favourite thing to eat from the barbecue. We marinated them in parsley, mint, coriander, garlic, lemon and oil for a couple of hours before cooking them and they were delicious. The marinade had really penetrated the flesh and the outsides were beautifully charred, just how we like them.

Continuing the middle-eastern them we served cous-cous with the same herbs and we also made some baba ganoush. Both dishes were really good and perfectly complimented the lamb.

Apr 26th, 2008

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  1. Hi there,

    Yes looking very nice indeed and lamb meat now also probably means British lamb, so fairly local.

    I found this recipe the other day and it seemed extremely delish, so I’ll be trying it out on our barbie in a couple of weeks.

    The couscous looks very nice too, I can imagine it goes really well with lots of fresh herbs.


  2. Claire said,

    Mmmm my mouth is watering. Even though I’m not a big fan of meat – this has me hankering after a chargrilled steak.

    What is baba ganoush like? I very nearly made some to go with our naan breads on Saturday before deciding I had enough to do! It looks good 🙂

  3. Kerri said,

    Thanks Caramella, it was really tasty which probably had a lot to do with it being our first meal outside! We tend to only buy British lamb because we’re both passionate about local produce but have bought New Zealand in the past and the taste really doesn’t compare.

    The couscous went really well with the lamb, the herbs definitely complimented it as you say.

    The kebab recipe you linked to looks interesting, we do a similar lamb kofta but with mince:

    I do like the idea of trying it with lamb pieces though (although I would leave out the apricots because I’m not a fan of the sweet and savoury combination!)

    Claire – the baba ganoush was really tasty actually although we forgot the oil so I’m not sure how authentic it was! Very easy to make too, we just “cooked” the aubergine on the barbecue and then whizzed the flesh up with some tahini, garlic, salt and pepper.

  4. Jules said,

    With seeing this post and Hubby reading an article about BBQing in the latest edition of Delicious it’s making me seriously crave a BBQ.

    The lamb looks gorgeous.

  5. Stephen said,

    Saturday was a really good day, being the first sunny day. When, in the middle of winter, we’d been discussing what we would do on our first barbecue of the year, we came up with all sorts of elaborate plans.

    As it was though, I was going out in the evening so we just managed to squeeze in something relatively simple. Still really good to do it though.

  6. Antonia said,

    Hooray for the first barbecue of the year! I was so tempted to do the same on Saturday, but changed my mind in the end. Wish I had now as the weather has gone bad -I should have grabbed the opportunity while it was there! Love lamb chops on the barbie too. Yum.

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