Sausage and Mash Pie

Posted By Kerri

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen had a Higgidy pie for dinner which was really good. While wandering around the supermarket last night wondering what to eat, we remembered that they also made a sausage and mash pie which we were both intrigued by. We picked one up and by the time we’d put the shopping away, the pie was cooked.

Unfortunately, we were both really disappointed. We both had different ideas about what would be inside the pie, I imagined small pieces of sausage mixed with mashed potatoes and Stephen anticipated whole individual sausages…the reality was a large piece of sausagemeat, topped with mashed potatoes. The sausagemeat was under-seasoned and there were too many textures and flavours going on. Crunchy pastry with poppy seeds running through it, bouncy sausagemeat, cabbage and onions in the mustard mashed potatoes which were both dry and wet at the same time and also crunchy on top.

We both still think it’s a good idea and are keen to try and create our own version so watch this space 🙂

Jun 21st, 2008

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  1. michelle said,

    I thinkt their sausage and mash pie is divine! infact just thinking about it is making me salivate… hmmmmm

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