Mexican Barbecue

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We rather enjoy having themed barbecues rather than just buying a load of assorted dead animals and throwing them onto the fire. In collaboration with some friends, we decided that a Mexican themed barbecue would definitely be worth doing. So we invited them round, did some hunting for appropriate recipes and got started.

For snacks, we had tortilla chips of course, with lovely fresh salsa mexicana and some excellent guacamole (which isn’t in the picture because our guests brought it along later). We also made some spicy nuts, but these weren’t that good and lacked salt.

Kerri had seen a “barbecue wok” in the shop and was keen to try it out. So we bought it and thought that we could try using it to make fajitas on the barbecue. It is a strange looking device, looking rather like a thin wok with holes in it. It took a little longer than making normal fajitas, but the result was rather good, with the barbecue taste coming through.

The “main course” was Mexican style pork ribs based on this recipe. We were planning to cook about half that much, but ended up with huge amounts of ribs and needed to do the whole amount. The ribs were coated in a dry rub that included chilli powder, paprika, ground cumin and salt:

We left this for four hours for the flavours to penetrate the meat, then baked them in the oven for about an hour and a half before finishing them for ten minutes a side on the barbecue while brushing with the honey, lime and spice glaze. They burnt a little, but that just added crunchiness:

We rested them for a while, then sliced them into individual ribs, which turned out to be lovely and succulent on the inside while sticky and smoky on the outside. Yum.

With these we had black beans:

And Mexican rice:

It all turned out rather well (other than the nuts). Lots of preparation, but well worth the result, both in the eating and in the good time we had with our friends.

Jun 22nd, 2008

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  1. Happy Cook said,

    I full agree it all turned out delicious.
    Nowonly question is why was i not invited to eat these delicious food 🙂

  2. Lizzie said,

    Phwoaaaar – those ribs look deeeelicious.

  3. Antonia said,

    Ooh – looks superb! I haven’t heard of a barbecue wok before – have to look out for one. I like the idea of fajitas with the smoky barbecue flavour.

  4. Amy said,

    Oooooh yum. The ribs look divine! I must try that recipe, I’ve been going crazy for black beans and mexican food, the ribs will be an addition to my next mexican feast.

  5. Hi there,

    I was showing your BBQ wok to Lundulph, I spotted it just after we bought ours. Still haven’t used it though. Love the rack of ribs, what a great idea, I’ll put it on my list of things to do.


  6. Kerri said,

    The ribs were good, just don’t do as we did and buy triple the amount you actually need!

  7. Gloria said,

    I came across your website and really didn’t recognize anything except the standard chips and salsa (pico de gallo). I am mexican-american or as I like to say “American mexican”. Anyway, we do not use the wok with holes in it to bbq. And fajitas are only the beef skirt. Someone came up with the clever “chicken fajitas”, “shrimp fajitas”, etc. By looking at the rice and beans, I’m not sure I would eat it, but looks aren’t everything. I’m sure it was all good of course except the nuts, lol. Just wanted to educate you a bit. I think the wok with hole in it is for grilling veggies.

  8. Kerri said,

    Thanks for your comment, Gloria. I didn’t say so in the post but I’m not sure we were trying to be authentically Mexican here. This was long before we educated ourselves about Mexican cooking and was more about cooking some dishes we enjoyed for friends.

    Surprised you don’t recognise the ribs though, I thought they were very popular.

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