Roast Chicken

Posted By Kerri

Stephen hasn’t been feeling very well this weekend and suggested roast chicken for lunch today. It turned out to be a lovely, warm day which would have been perfect for barbecuing but we already had our chicken so decided to stick to our original plan.

It’s not the most exciting meal, we eat it a lot and we generally always cook it the same way, but it’s always tasty and never disappoints. Which is just what you need when you’re not feeling very well.

Jun 22nd, 2008

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  1. Jules said,

    You can’t beat a good roast chicken. Feel better soon Stephen.

  2. Stephen said,

    Thanks Jules. I do feel better, probably a combination of chicken and Lemsip 🙂

  3. Antonia said,

    Hope you are soon feeling better Stephen! Nothing like roast chicken to cure all ills!

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