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Stephen and I cooked this on Sunday and then froze it in portions for eating later on. We followed our usual recipe but the end result was almost completely devoid of heat and flavour. We rectified this by adding lots more spices and some extra tomatoes.

I’d been looking forward to it all day, it was yet another wet and cold summer’s day in London and it was lovely to come home to something warming that required very little effort.

Aug 13th, 2008

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  1. Ros said,

    I used to make chilli very often, I think this is because, when I was at after college rehearsals, I’d smell the dodgy union chilli from the bar below and it would give me cravings. I wouldn’t eat union chilli though- no way!

    I had a chilli revelation about two weeks ago but I didn’t take a picture so didn’t blog it. IF you get the chance once your current batch runs out, try making chilli with chunks of braising steak instaed of mince and serving with baked floury potatoes. It really does lift the dish to a whole new level (well, we thought so anyway).

  2. Kerri said,

    I’ve done it with braising steak before actually and we both enjoyed it, it’s more like a casserole/stew in texture which I actually prefer.

    And what I wouldn’t give for a baked floury potato, I couldn’t wait so ended up eating it on it’s own with some stale nachos.

  3. kittie said,

    Mmmm… I’ve done it with braising steak a couple of times – I reckon it’s quite a different dish… and definitely worth drooling over!

    Your basic recipe is very like mine!!

  4. Mmmmmm, looks amazing! I haven’t had Chili in ages.

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