Smoked Mackerel Risotto

Posted By Kerri

I picked this up last weekend intending to use it in salads for lunch throughout the week, that didn’t happen though so it was left lurking in the fridge. Since making stock last weekend, I’ve had a risotto craving so I thought I would use the mackerel up tonight and satisfy my craving at the same time. I’m glad I did because the end result was really tasty.

Sweat off a stick of celery and half an onion, then add 125g of risotto rice. Cook for a couple of minutes then add 50ml white wine. Once the alcohol has burnt off, start adding the stock slowly until it’s almost completely absorbed. Continue until all the stock is used. I started off with 500ml but the rice still had too much bite to it so I continued adding boiling water until the consistency was as we like it.

When cooked through, add some spinach and combine with the rice until the spinach has wilted. Add the mackerel and serve.

This is the first time I’ve ever been successful with risotto, Stephen’s very good at it so I usually leave him to it. I’m glad I gave it a go this evening because it worked out well.

Aug 15th, 2008

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  1. Ros said,

    I love the way you can play around with risotto. The last one I made was a curried risotto with king prawns. It would probably offend an Italian, but I liked it!

    Did you have enough left over for arancini?

  2. Kerri said,

    Now that I’ve mastered risotto I’m much more open to thinking about different flavour combinations, this one didn’t have any cheese in it so it was lower in fat that many of the recipes I’ve seen. I’d like to create some similar dishes while we’re on our healthy eating kick.

    The healthy eating means there was no arancini, I really would like to try that one day though.

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