Veal Escalope

Posted By Kerri

We’d been wanting to cook veal ever since reading an article in the Metro newspaper about how welfare standards had improved and many of the supermarkets were supporting the production of “friendly” veal. They may well have been supportive but we weren’t able to find any until we popped into Waitrose last week and came across one small, lonely packet. We weren’t able to find anymore so had to make do with the one piece and lots of vegetables.

We kept it simple and just breaded it so as not to hide the flavour too much and it worked really well. The flavour was delicate and the meat tender, a perfect contrast to the crisp breadcrumbs.

Sep 28th, 2008

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  1. Lizzie said,

    Snap! It’s exactly how I cooked mine. I found it a little too similar to a pork escalope to be buying it again though.

  2. Stephen said,

    Hi Lizzie, yep it tastes a bit like a mild cross between beef and pork to me. I’d like to try it again done in a different way, but this was how we both first thought to do it, so went with it (and so did you as it turns out :))

    Doing it this way officially makes it Wiener Schnitzel, which I remember ordering in a restaurant many years ago; which I’m sure wasn’t “happy” veal at the time.

  3. Antonia said,

    I’ve never cooked veal either so was interested to hear your verdict. I must try to track some down.

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