Steak and Salsa Verde

Posted By Stephen

We have been wondering what to do with the left over salsa verde from our recent halibut. We decided that it would go well with almost anything, but were particularly keen to try it with either steak or lamb chops. Steak won in the end though, so here it is.

My steak-cooking skills seem to have desserted me though. It used to be so easy, but I’m finding it difficult to get it right now. I think it’s because we’ve started using a griddle pan rather than a normal frying pan and the times need to be slightly longer because there is less heat being transferred directly to the steak from contact with the pan. So what happened this time and also the previous time is that I had it in for what I thought was the correct amount of time, then took it out, let it rest and cut it. Underdone. (I’ve gone off very rare steak recently for some reason). So then put it back in, but put it back for too long.

So this was a bit overdone, but was still tasty and quite juicy thankfully. I should practice the “prod” method rather than relying on timings, as the timings will vary depending on various factors – frying pan vs griddle pan, temperature, thickness of steak, incompetence of chef, etc.

Served with some garlic bread (which we toasted under the grill before spreading with some delicious garlic butter that Kerri had prepared and then toasting again) and a mixed salad.

Nov 11th, 2008

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  1. Mrs Ergül said,

    Don’t be too hard on yourself! It still turned out beautiful and I read YUM!

  2. Nilmandra said,

    I’m cooking steak tonight and looking forward to it 😀 I still have a tendency to slightly overcook steak, as least for the husband who likes his rare.

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