Wild Boar Sausages

Posted By Stephen

Kerri was out tonight, and when wondering what to have to eat this evening, I couldn’t really decide on anything. I wandered into Waitrose, wandered down various aisles without being inspired, then ended up loitering next to the fish and meat counters. Nothing fishy caught my eye, but then I saw the wild boar sausages. So I bought a couple of those and headed home.

I simply put the sausages under the grill and went to work on vegetables. I had planned to make mashed potato, but the potato that I thought we had at home had mysteriously disappeared. In years to come this will be referred to as The Great Potato Robbery of 2008, because I was really looking forward to that mash. We did have a fairly large parsnip, which is no substitute for mashed potato, but I made do. I also had some baby greens, shredded and steamed.

The sausages themselves were rather good; very meaty, a little coarse and slightly crumbly. And very tasty. They contained red wine, which had turned them a lovely dark colour. Delicious. When I had finished them I found myself cursing myself for having been sensible; I should have bought way more than two!

Nov 14th, 2008

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