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Lasy year, we got into the habit of eating pizza fairly regularly on a Friday night so, when stuck for something to eat last night, it seemed natural to revert back to our old habits.

We didn’t really do anything exciting this time, just salami, peppers and mozarella but ran into some problems with the dough. It was too sticky which made it difficult to transfer onto the stone (hence the enormous crusts!) and we had trouble getting the yeast to rise.

For referecence (and in case you haven’t seen any of our previous 293 pizza posts) we use Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe and make a simple tomato sauce by gently frying some cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, basil and tomato puree until soft.

Jan 10th, 2009

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  1. Katie said,

    Wow, next time I make pizza I’ll try your sauce method. I love the natural sweetness of cherry tomatoes.

    Katie’s last blog post..Birthday partys aren’t just for kids

  2. Kathleen said,


  3. Marti said,

    Wow! If that’s what your homemade pizzas look like using those ideas, I AM SO IN!!!

  4. Kerri said,

    The cherry tomato sauce is really good, so much easier than making traditional pizza sauce toppings and better too…in my opinion!

  5. Mike said,

    I love the flavor of cherry tomatoes. They taste great, but the skins are a problem. I think it ruins the texture.

  6. Kerri said,

    The skins don’t bother me, particularly on pizza where there are so many other textures and flavours happening. Very easy to remove though, just pop them in some boiling water.

  7. Michael said,

    Looks Amazing!!!!

  8. The pizza looks so good, that it’s hard to believe you had problems making it! Helen of world foodie guide sent me over to check out your lowel ego light photography and I’m impressed!

    ThePurpleFoodie’s last blog post..Quick Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Fried Rice

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