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I’ve heard a lot about Franco Manca since it opened last year so was looking forward to my visit with Niamh and Lizzie . It’s only open at lunchtime and its in Brixton which has made it difficult for any of us to get there before. Despite meeting at the tube station at the arranged time, it was still difficult for us to get there as none of us had thought to look up exactly where it was. Luckily, the friendly local flower seller knew where we wanted to go so directed us there and even provided a shortcut.

Althought I’d previously read a couple of reviews, I hadn’t paid much attention to references to the restaurant itself so I was surprised to find myself in the middle of one of Brixton’s many covered market areas. The restaurant occupies two units on either side of the market, both with a small indoor seating area. As it was lunchtime, it was busy inside so we had to sit at one of the outside tables and it was freezing. Many people believe Franco Manca to make the best pizza in London, some say the best pizza outside of Naples, so we weren’t about to turn around and go home.

One of the things that cropped up in all the reviews I’d read was how cheap it was I don’t think anyone could argue with that, just £5.40 for my choice of pizza with anchovies, olives and capers. The wine was also cheap at just £6.80 a bottle but unfortunately it was so bad that we left most of it behind.

Luckily, the pizza was much better than the wine. The picture below doesn’t show the size but they were certainly generous and well cooked. The thin, sourdough base is left to rise for 20 hours and then cooked at 500 degrees for just 40 seconds. This results in a thin, crispy base and allows the cheese to melt slightly but not completely. The short cooking time also means that the anchovies remained incredibly fresh but combined with the capers, I found them to be a little too salty.

As for whether it deserves its title as best pizza in London, I’m not sure yet but I think I still prefer Marine Ices. It’s warmer in there too.


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Feb 11th, 2009

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  1. Joshua said,

    I know what you mean about the anchovy and caper combination being a bit on the salty side. I ordered that pizza myself and it definitely suffered from that in certain mouthfuls.

    I need to check out Marine Ices as Franco Manca is still the best pizza I’ve had in this city.

    Joshua’s last blog post..Franco Manca

  2. Lizzie said,

    I had to do a lot of anchovy spreading! Agreed – that wine was rank!

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Franco Manca

  3. Rob said,

    Looks tasty – have wanted to go there before but have the same problems with lunchtime opening only getting in the way.

    Going to have to try sourdough pizza at home instead I think :).

  4. Niamh said,

    Yes, I was expecting something better and a little less disorganised! Shame but I’ll try them again, we might have caught them on a very bad day. OR everyone else is wrong 😉

    Niamh’s last blog post..Brunch Baked Eggs

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