Pan-Fried Tilapia with New Potatoes, Spring Greens and Salsa Verde (of sorts)

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Kerri had one of her wisdom teeth taken out today, so she’s not really capable of eating much and had mashed potato for dinner.  I wasn’t sure what to have, but given that we had planned to have fish at some point this week and hadn’t yet succeeded in doing so, thought that I would try that.

I ended up with tilapia because it looked interesting at the fish counter.  Not always a good indication of whether or not it will taste good, but in this case it wasn’t too bad.  I simply seasoned it and pan-fried it in butter.  The new potatoes were steamed and then very quickly sauteed in a little butter.  For the spring greens, I melted some butter in a saucepan, then washed the greens and put them in without drying them too much.  The butter and water emulsify, giving a lovely texture and taste.  So butter all round today; James Martin would be proud.  Butter in Kerri’s mashed potato too of course.

For the salsa verde, I chopped some mint and some parsely and combined with some chopped capers and anchovies and some olive oil.  Then I added some lemon juice with a little too much enthusiasm.  Result: Too sour.  So I added a tiny dash of sugar to balance it out.  Not quite enough, so added more.  Result:  Too sweet.  So I added some salt to balance it out.  Result:  Sort of okay but not quite what I was after.  I didn’t think I would eat much of it as I didn’t like it much, but once it was on the fish and potatoes it was a lot nicer than I thought it would be, so ended up eating quite a bit of it.

Feb 12th, 2009

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  1. Sylvie said,

    Ouch! I couldn’t eat for nearly a week after having my wisdom teeth out, but then they had to be cut out of my gums and it was all pretty nasty. I hope that Kerri isn’t suffering that much. The dinner looks wonderful.

    Sylvie’s last blog post..French Pear and Almon Tart

  2. anne said,

    Mmm sounds butterlicious! Only had tilapia fried in breadcrumbs so far at an Indian restaurant

    anne’s last blog post..Beetroot Salad

  3. Ros said,

    The one and only time I bought and prepared tilapia myself , I got it whole. It was very bony!. Sounds like fillets are the way to go

    Ros’s last blog post..Exotic

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