Asparagus and Barbecued Lamb

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Looking back, our first barbecue of last year was on 26 April so we’ve beat that by a week. Had we been more organised, I think we could have managed one even earlier this year but as it was, today’s weather was perfect.

Like last year, we’ve spen many hours deliberating what out first barbecued meal was going to be. We initially settled on hamburgers but since we had those on Thursday, decided on asparagus followed a leg of lamb. I bought the asparagus at Borough Market on Friday and we were both keen to try the first of the season. We’re both big fans but were largely underwhelmed with last year’s offerings. Luckily, this was really good and the charcoaled outside produced an almost nuttiness which gave way to the sweet, buttery flavour of the asparagus.


The lamb leg was already part boned so all Stephen needed to do was butterfly it before marinating it overnight in a mixture of oregano, olive oil, bay leaf, garlic and salt and pepper.

When it came to the cooking, Stephen seared it skin side down first, over direct heat for about 10 minutes. He then turned the meat over and seared the other side for five minutes. At this point, the meat was removed from the heat briefly so that the coals could be pushed to the sides for the remainder of the cooking time. Overall cooking time was an hour, with one turn midway and with the lid on the barbecue.

The first barbecued food of the year is always going to be good but I don’t know how to describe just how brilliant this was. First of all, the lamb was English new season so it was good and tasty. Secondly, the marinating not only brings out the flavour of the lamb but helps to tenderise the meat. It adds great flavour too. The smokiness of the coals added another level of flavour and produced meat that was beautifully charred on the outside but juicy and moist in the middle. It took us ages to finish what we were eating because we kept stopping to comment on how much we were enjoying everything, and ebcause we kept going back for more.


Served with a mixed and potato salad which were both great too but nothing like as good as the lamb. The best news is that there’s plenty left over for tonight.


Apr 19th, 2009

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  1. Alex said,

    The asparagus looks sublime! Well done on beating last year’s BBQ target!

  2. Lizzie said,

    That looks so delicious. I’ve just bought myself a lidded bbq so I’m looking forward to slow-cooking some big hunks of meat. Aubergines brushed with oil also made it onto the bbq this weekend.

    Lizzie’s last blog post..Ba Shan

  3. neil said,

    That lamb looks sensational.

    neil’s last blog post..An Egg Poached in Asparagus Velouté, with parmesan and truffle oil.

  4. Mrs Ergül said,

    I like everything in this meal! I should be reading this one hour later during lunch time so I won’t be so hungry for lunch!

    Mrs Ergül’s last blog post..Steamed Chicken with Rice Wine Sauce

  5. Jeanne said,

    Aaah, there’s nothing like the first braai of the summer! I think Stephen and Nick should get together and cook for us while we sip some bubbly wine – they both seem to be masters of the coals 🙂

    Jeanne’s last blog post..Nectarine & ginger tarte tatin

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