Barbecued Lamb with Tzatziki, Salad and Pita Bread

Posted By Stephen


After yesterday’s barbecue, we still had most of a barbecued leg of lamb left over. It was Kerri’s suggestion to slice it up and put it into pita bread with some tzatziki and salad, and a very good suggestion it was.

The lamb had retained its barbecued smokiness, and went very well with the garlicky (a little more garlicky than intended) tzatziki. Salad added healthy freshness and crunch. Being such a lovely evening, this seemed just the right sort of food to be eating and I commented that it made me feel like being on holiday.

We do still have quite a lot of the barbecued leg of lamb left over, so might just try the same thing again tomorrow evening unless we come up with a brilliant alternative way of using it up between now and then (it will need to be brilliant to beat this one).

Apr 20th, 2009

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  1. Mrs Ergül said,

    Easy + yummy! Fab!

    Mrs Ergül’s last blog post..Steamed Chicken with Rice Wine Sauce

  2. BBQ lamb – the gift that keeps on giving

    Gourmet Chick’s last blog post..Al Fassia (Gourmet Chick in Morocco)

  3. Jeanne said,

    Clever clever! I must remember this next time I have leftovers. Usually I turn it into lamb Stroganoff, but this is a perfect alternative for summer. Let’s hope the wonderful weather hangs around for a bit 🙂

    Jeanne’s last blog post..Nectarine & ginger tarte tatin

  4. Helen said,

    YUM! massively yumsome leftovers! I am such a tzatziki addict – I think I may actualyl have a problem. And I find too that it is easy to add too much garlic. half a clove usually works well although sometimes I can’t help myself! I add dill sometimes which makes a nice variation. I am craving lamb again now!

    Helen’s last blog post..Saddle of Lamb Stuffed with Dates, Aubergines and Pistachios

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