Chalky’s Bark Beer

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Kerri went to Whole Foods today at lunch time, and bought me this as a surprise – a beer named after Rick Stein’s beloved dog Chalky who has now sadly passed away but is still very much alive in many re-runs of his television shows.

I rather enjoyed it, along with its interesting addition: ginger, which comes through more in the finish than it does initially.

This is the second Chalky beer – the first one was called Chalky’s Bite. I don’t know if Chalky’s Bark is stronger than his Bite or not.

Apr 23rd, 2009

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  1. Swedish Mike said,

    His Bite was definitely stronger than his Bark. 6.8% compared to 4.5% 🙂

    // Mike

  2. Stephen said,

    Ah excellent, thanks for for clearing that up Swedish Mike! 🙂

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