And the Winner Is…

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The winner of the Little Break to Lille competition courtesy of Eurostar is Sarah for her hairy duck story (we asked the PR company to decide on the winner).  Congratulations Sarah and thank you to everyone who shared their amusing and, at time, horrifying stories! We’ll leave you with Sarah’s tale:

The worst ever food experience I’ve had whilst travelling was when I was in Hong Kong with my family…

Me and my family absolutely LOVE chinese food and so going to to Hong Kong we were really excited about enjoying a good ol’ slap up meal in the country of origin, the home to chinese food – surely it’s going to be amazing right!? Or so we thought…

We went out to dinner and ordered a 5 course extravaganza. None of the dishes they made were like anything you’d order back in England so we just gambled and hoped for the best! A few courses came out and we couldn’t really eat much if it as they tasted odd, but we didnt mind so much as we thought “at least we’ll have enough room for the duck and pancakes!” Our favourite! They started to bring out all the trimmings – cucumber, spring onion, plum sauce, pancakes. At this point we’re starving and very excited. They brought out the duck, put it down on the table and literally our jaws all dropped. We looked at eachother, confused and quite horrifed. We were all looking at a plate full of pieces of skin, cut neatly into 2″ squares. There was no meat – just the skin, and each piece had duck hair sticking out of it. As you can imagine, we didn’t fancy wrapping pieces of hairy duck skin into our pancakes so we left and headed straight to McDonalds! In fact, the whole 5 days we were there, we sneaked McDonalds into our hotel room every night as we couldn’t bare the food!

Oct 1st, 2009

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  1. Jojo said,

    Haha, this is indeed funny! However, it seems Sarah did not understand eating duck at all. In a good chinese restaurant (not chinatown dump) Beijing duck is served in several courses, first a soup, then the skin (which is considered the best) and then the meat. At the end you usually get the bones to take home and make a nice stock out of it.
    Is seems like Sarah had not much of knowledge how real chinese food tastes like. McDonalds seems the better culinary experience for her.

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