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The humble sandwich. I eat a lot of them but rarely post about it. I generally favour the plainer fillings: ham and mustard or leftover roast chicken. As long as the bread is fresh and crusty and the butter isn’t margarine then I’m easily pleased. Ready-made sandwiches don’t do much for me, the sad, soggy bread, dripping with mayonnaise encased in plastic always leaves me feeling unsatisfied and ripped-off.

I had to go nil-by-mouth last week which was horrifying enough for a food-obsessive like me but the combination of no food or liquid on the hottest day of the year sent me slightly mad. As I entered my 21st hour without anything to eat and my seventh without water, the noises from my stomach started to reverberate around the waiting room and my mind inevitably turned to food. When I’m really hungry I normally crave hamburgers but this time, in my slightly delirious state, what I craved most was a toasted bagel with bacon, lettuce, avocado and mozarella. This isn’t a combination I’ve ever eaten before but it came to me with such clarity that I knew I had to try it. And now I’m almost grateful for those hours of starvation because I’ve found my new favourite sandwich.

A version without bacon and with pesto instead (the PLAM) worked well too and I suspect adding pesto to the BLAM (a BLAMP) would also be a winner. The other obvious addition is tomato but aside from the fact that I hate them, I can’t make the acronym work so that’s obviously a no-go.

I’m not going to give you a recipe for a sandwich but I will say that you’ll enjoy this experience more if you get the mozarella onto the hot bagel quickly so it starts to melt and go stringy.

Jun 8th, 2010

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  1. Helen said,

    Oh poor you Kerri. I had to go from noon until 6 today and my tum was audible on the tube at 5.30. To make it worse I had spent the entire afternoon talking about food. I was ready to chew my arm off when I was allowed to eat again.
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Get a Wordle In! =-.

  2. Helen said,

    I hope you’re ok Kerri. I don’t think I need to go into my sandwich obsession and of course my obsession with the BLAT. This is great though – wham bam thank you BLAM. I love how you had a vision of it!

  3. Keith said,

    That needs chicken instead of bacon, partly because chicken and Avocado go brilliantly together, but mainly because it would be CLAM/CLAMP.

    Chicken and Bacon and Avocado would be best, CaBLAM!

  4. Jonathan said,

    There’s no need to be apologetic about writing about sandwiches. They’re one of the world’s greatest foods. You’ve now made me crave a bagel.

  5. Nil by mouth = nightmare. Worse for me than the actual operation I was preparing for!
    .-= gourmet chick´s last blog ..The Cadogan Arms =-.

  6. BLAMs, BLATs, PLAMs…. fabulous one and all!! Am rediscovering the delights of the humble BLT with the help of fab Denhay bacon at the moment. Sandwiches rock – I’m a coleslaw and Cheddar girl myself 🙂
    .-= Jeanne @ CookSister!´s last blog ..Saturday Snapshots #94 =-.

  7. Lizzie said,

    Nil by mouth?! Holy moly. We used to do fasting for charity at school, usually 24 hours. I didn’t make it past around 2pm and had to give all the money back to my sponsors. The bagel looks delicious; I have a huge love for avocado at the moment.
    .-= Lizzie´s last blog ..Dim Sum in Hong Kong =-.

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