Tomato and Mozarella Pasta

Posted By Kerri

We met up with a friend for lunch yesterday and while waiting for him, popped into a small Italian deli for some coffee. I love the unusual pasta shapes you can find in these kinds of places and managed to limit myself to buying just two. This type is called caserecci and has a great rough texture that really encourages sauce to cling to it.

We picked up some mozarella while we were there which we added to a tomato sauce flavoured with capers and olives, a little like puttanesca but without the richness that comes from the anchovies. It worked quite well but was a bit soupy in consistency. Next time we’ll leave the juice from the tomatoes behind. We’ll also need to tear the cheese into smaller pieces so that I don’t have to think up excuses to make Stephen leave the table so I can steal from his plate.

Sep 27th, 2010

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