Roast Chicken

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It’s become something of a tradition that when we return from holidays we eat roast chicken…well, this is the second time it’s happened so it’s on the way to being a tradition.

We roasted the chicken with onion, garlic, sage and lemon and served it with sagey roast potatoes, stuffing and some green vegetables. It made a refreshing change to the processed sausages and cold meats we’ve been eating recently. We both decided it was our Desert Island Dinner too.


Jul 6th, 2007

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  1. Stephen said,

    This picture was taken about 30 seconds before I drowned most of it in gravy. Very good gravy it was too; gravy always seems to work out better when there is lemon in the chicken.

  2. Jules said,

    You can’t beat a good roast dinner.

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