Steak and Mushroom Pie

Posted By Kerri

It was immense.


Sep 30th, 2006

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  1. Stephen said,

    This was one of the finest pies in history. We consulted Gary Rhodes’s steak and kidney pie recipe and we consulted Delia Smith’s steak and kidney pie recipe. We took their recommendations on board and then made our own pie. It contained no kidneys. It contained steak, mushrooms and onions. And mushroom ketchup and tomato puree and beef stock and worcester sauce. And a bay leaf. We cooked the filling for two and a quarter hours and then put it in the oven in the dish for 40 minutes.

  2. Kerri said,

    The pastry was frozen though 😉

  3. Stephen said,

    Well it was, but we thawed it 😛

  4. Q said,

    sounds delicious..I will have to give it a try..thanks Stephen and Kerri!

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