Chunky Chilli with Darren’s Guacamole

Posted By Stephen

This is just a normal chilli con carne recipe (I don’t like that name) made with chunks of beef instead of minced beef. The flavours are the same but it feels more casseroley in the mouth. Next time I’ll dice the beef smaller though.

We knew we were going to get home late last night so I made this in advance, it gives the flavours time to develop and makes me feel like a Domestic Goddess 😉

We ate the kidney beans seperately because I’m not that keen on them and also because when I made the chilli I had forgotten to soak the beans. We also had nachos, wraps (for Stephen, although last night I decided I do actually like them) and wholemeal pitta bread for me.

And we had Darren’s guacamole too 🙂


Oct 13th, 2006

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