Steak and Roasted Vegetables

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After a week of healthy eating, I felt like a treat but not something so bad it would undo all my hard work. While eating the stuffed aubergine yesterday, we commented that it would go well with steak….we must have still had steak on our minds today because when we realised we didn’t have anything for dinner we both immediately thought of steak.

So, steak it was. 21 day aged sirloin steak, cooked rare with salt and pepper, and garlic.

We had mushrooms to use up and intended to fry them off with some red onion, somehow it ended up becoming roasted vegetables with three kinds of pepper and mandolined carrots. The carrots were good, we haven’t done them this way before but will be doing them again, with parsnips and beetroot to make root vegetable crisps.

Oct 20th, 2006

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  1. Kerri said,

    We made the vegetable crisps, they were a disaster. We have since discovered that the Tyrell’s ones are brilliant though so won’t be bothering to make our own again.


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