Beef Casserole and Baked Camembert

Posted By Stephen

A couple of days ago we decided to make a casserole for future consumption. Where “future” means “after a night out and are really hungry but can’t be bothered to cook”. The night out in question was last night and I had a small helping then, but we ate the rest of it tonight.

The casserole turned out well, but not brilliantly. It was hearty and the meat was tender, but it lacked any sort of distinguishing features. Apart from beef and potatoes, it contained carrots, parsnips, thyme and various other standard ingredients.

After the casserole we had a baked Camembert, into which Kerri had put slivers of garlic and some rosemary. It was brilliant, gooey and cheesy and garlicky. We dipped slices of French bread into it. Mmmmmm cheese.

Unfortunately I deleted the casserole picture in a fit of misdirected house-keeping, so here is the Camembert one:


Nov 10th, 2006

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