Thai Green Curry with Chicken

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We had been planning to make Thai green curry for a few days, and when the day came, we found ourselves in Chinatown buying ingredients. We had a jar of green curry paste from the shop, but after my purchase of a long-coveted “real” mortar and pestle from New Loon Moon in Chinatown, I was determined to make it myself. Almost coincidentally, we had all the required ingredients at home. So I started grinding, mashing and bashing and 15 minutes or so later, we had some semblance of green curry paste although the lemongrass had made it rather fibrous and not too paste-like.

We cooked the curry with chicken, later adding pea aubergines, baby corn and mange tout. It was really good. At least twenty times better than it would have been using the curry paste from a jar. And we have some left over, so we can make some again soon without too much hassle.

Mar 31st, 2007

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