Thai Red Curry

Posted By Stephen


Having cooked Thai green curry a few weeks ago, we decided to try our hand at red curry. The recipe we used was fairly similar to the green curry recipe except that it used red curry paste rather than green curry paste. And the main difference in the paste recipe was the use of red chillies instead of green. Lots more mortar and pestle action which I enjoyed.

I got the chilli ratio slightly wrong though. The recipe called for a certain weight of dried red chilli but we had fresh. So I attempted to estimate the correct amount of fresh chilli to be the same as dried, but got it wrong and the paste was not quite as hot as it should have been. It was still very tasty however, and slightly sweeter than the green curry. Kerri said it was one of the nicest things she had ever tasted, which I took as very high praise indeed.

Unfortunately, the dish in the picture is a bit messy because by the time we got around to serving it we were a bit tipsy.

Apr 27th, 2007

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