Duck with Rosti and Red Wine and Redcurrant Sauce

Posted By Stephen

First, we had a steamed artichoke:


Then we had duck breast with rosti and red wine and redcurrant sauce. Served with some broad beans (which are unshelled and look rather grey and boring in the picture) and some savoy cabbage. We browned the duck breast in a frying pan and then roasted it in the oven.

For the rosti, we parboiled a potato, grated it, then mixed it with sweated onions and garlic, then fried it. The rosti tasted really good but the texture wasn’t quite right – I over-cooked the potato before grating. The duck was brilliant and we ended up with a lot of duck fat which we’ll be keeping for roast potatoes. The sauce needs a little work though as it was a bit too sweet.


We’re off to Barcelona tomorrow for five days, so no postings on here but hopefully we’ll eat loads of brilliant food there and have a few pictures when we get back!

Jun 3rd, 2007

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  1. Kerri said,

    I didn’t really care that the potato was over-cooked, I thought it was brilliant!


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