Rack of Lamb with Sauteed New Potatoes and Asparagus with Pine Nut and Herb Sauce

Posted By Stephen

A long title today because it all deserved mention.

We started with asparagus with a pine nut and herb sauce. It turned out as more of a relish than a sauce really. It contained pine nuts (obviously), red onion, parsely, mint, olive oil and vinegar. This went very well indeed with the asparagus; next time we’ll use more nuts and a little less onion though.

For main course, we had rack of English spring lamb, roasted quite simply, which was all that it needed:


With it we had some sauteed new (Jersey Royal) potatoes:


And some home made mint sauce. In our little blue and white jug that we’d bought on holiday in South Africa. You can’t see much of the sauce in this picture, but the jug looks more interesting than the sauce really:


We also had shelled broad beans, runner beans (very fresh and very beany tasting) and green cabbage. Three green vegetables to go with our roast lamb and potatoes.

With it (actually, mostly before it) we drank a bottle of Springfield “Wild Yeast” Chardonnay which was good and went well with the asparagus. I fancied red with the lamb though, so opened a mini bottle of Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon which we had in the cupboard for cooking: it was drinkable but not particularly interesting. I usually fancy pinot noir with lamb and have a few bottles of decent Burgundy and also some new world pinot on the wine rack but figured that opening a whole new bottle at that point would have been a waste. However, given that we opened another bottle of white Burgundy after dinner anyway, I think that I should just have gone ahead. Next time definitely.

Jun 17th, 2007

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  1. Richard said,

    All looks delicious. If ever you need a hand finishing a bottle of burgundy, you know where I am!

  2. Jules said,

    Sounds like heaven.

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