Scallops and Samphire

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Yesterday we visited our local farmer’s market and were lucky enough to find samphire. We’ve heard a lot about it recently but haven’t seen it anywhere so we were both really excited to find it at the market.

Online recipes were pretty scarce, I found a few risottos but not much else apart from a couple of fish dishes. I knew that we would be going out for lunch today and wouldn’t want a big dinner so decided to pair it with some scallops, broad beans and salad; working on the basis that scallops go well with chorizo and the samphire tasted quite salty.

We sauteed the samphire with some shallots and steamed the broad beans. The scallops were fried quickly with some salt and pepper. Once assembled, a squeeze of lemon juice and some good Spanish olive oil finished the dish. It was good but some bacon or pancetta would have added something extra.

Jul 27th, 2007

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  1. Ros said,

    My favourite lunch at the moment is grilled fish with samphire. It really is a wonderful vegetable.

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