Toad in the Hole

Posted By Stephen

Today was the last day of British Sausage Week, so we obviously had to have sausages as we haven’t had any yet this week. We bought some herby pork sausages from our local butcher and made toad in the hole. From what I can remember, it’s the first time we’ve made it. It turned out well, even though our oven doesn’t really get hot enough for Yorkshire pudding.

We had it with onion gravy and brussels sprouts; the first time we’ve had them this year… very exciting. Also parsnips and cauliflower, but they were less interesting.

Oct 21st, 2007

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  1. Jules said,

    Your toad in the hole looks great. Glad to hear you got to eat the sprouts you’ve been wanting for ages!

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks Jules, it really was great and I can’t believe we’ve never cooked it together before!

    Sprouts were brilliant but quite large, am looking forward to the small, sweet ones that will come in soon.


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