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I never knew Larry the Lamb when he was alive, but even if I had done, I don’t think I would have minded eating him anyway because he was very tasty indeed. Regular readers may remember our good friend Geraldine. Larry was next in line for being cooked on the excellent spit created by some very skilled friends of ours.

Being a lot smaller than Geraldine, Larry only required three and a half hours to cook rather than ten. He was stuffed with garlic, onions and herbs and then expertly sewn up, as visible in one of the pictures. Raised on the Isle of Aran he’d been eating tasty grasses and heather all his life and this showed through in the taste of the meat.

We made some tabouleh to take along to have with it and other people made various things, including an excellent ginger and mango upside-down cake for dessert. We forgot to take pictures of anything other than Larry though. Wine will do that to you.

Nov 11th, 2007

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  1. Antonia said,

    Oh wow! And I thought Geraldine looked good. I bet Larry was superb and how lovely to cook outside at this time of year – what fun.

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks Antonia! It was a really fun evening and the lamb was delicous.

  3. Stephen said,

    It was a little chilly, but we had some hot mulled wine to keep us warm 🙂

  4. Richard said,

    Looks fab – particularly impressed by the sewing skills!

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