Roast Chicken

Posted By Stephen

Tonight we were planning to have a beef stir fry, but we ended up eating the steak last night. We had a chicken which we were going to joint and then use the breasts for the stir fry (and keep the legs for later), but as Kerri was home a bit early today she thought it would be a good opportunity to make roast chicken. And a very good idea it was too; when I got home the aroma was delicious.

Stuffed full of onion, garlic and thyme, it was a very flavourful chicken. And all that flavour gave the gravy a wonderful richness too. In an attempt to be healthy, we didn’t make any roast potatoes. We did have a bit of home made stuffing though. And turnips, green beans and cabbage.

It seems rather indulgent to be eating roast chicken on a Monday; after the first day back at work following a week of holiday, it was a very welcome indulgence too.

Sep 29th, 2008

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  1. Swedish Mike said,

    That looks really nice. I like the nice and gentle browning you got going there.

    And you seem much better at carving the chicken than I could ever dream of being. 😉

    // Mike

  2. Kerri said,

    Thanks Mike 🙂

    The carving is all down to Stephen, my attempt really was pitiful!

  3. Mrs Ergül said,

    Nice. it’s been some time since I last had roast chicken…

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